Chiropractic Testimonials

"Upon Coming to Dr. Jade Meylor in Lenexa, I had curvature and pain in my upper back. I had difficulty standing for long periods of time. Dr. Meylor started treating me several months ago. I now stand taller, straighter, breath better and have less pain. My clothes fit better. I know other persons who have benefited from Dr. Meylor’s treatments. Dr. Jade Meylor has done wonders for me."

- Audrey R. 

"Our daughter has been under the care of Dr. Meylor since January 2008. We decided to have her see him after she had suffered through multiple ear infections and RSV during her first six months of her life. We were trying to avoid having tubes inserted later or the possibility of hearing loss. Between January and June 2008, McKenzie only had one ear infection. We have now gone an additional four months and I am glad to say- no ear infections. McKenzie is a very active child and Dr. Meylor handles her personality with ease. After the first few adjustments, she became very calm with him and no longer squirms. We would definitely recommend Chiropractic care to everyone because it has definitely helped our daughter!!"

- Stephanie W. 

"I started going to Dr. Meylor in June of 2008. I find him to be professional, understanding, pleasant and cooperative, (he is willing to work around a patients personal schedule). He takes the time, each time, to discuss the progress of my care. So he understands how I feel and I understand his treatments."

- David K 

"Dr. Meylor saved my life!
For the past year-and-a-half I have been having extreme pain in my hip and knee that was getting worse by the week. Walking became difficult, if not impossible at times, and it was negatively affecting my sleep and mood. I finally “hit bottom” one afternoon in late May when I went to Oak Park Mall and couldn’t walk more than two steps at a time. It took me 45 minutes to get back to my car. The pain was excruciating. I phoned my awesome massage therapist, Linda Bailey, to get a Chiropractor referral and she recommended Dr. Meylor. During my first visit to his office, I was immediately impressed with Dr. Meylor. He took time to learn about my symptoms and lifestyle. With his knowledge, he recommended a series of spinal adjustments and home-care techniques. He was confident that Chiropractic treatment could restore my health. I was skeptical because I’d been in pain a long time and not feeling very optimistic. However, I was anxious to try anything that could make me feel better and I was soothed and uplifted by his confidence. I was diligent in working with Dr. Meylor to help me restore my health. By performing all home-care techniques and keeping all my appointments I was, within a few visits, greatly relieved of the pain that had haunted me for over a year. I continued to improve visit after visit. After six weeks, most of the pain had vanished and my range-of-motion increased significantly. After eight weeks, I am pain-free and walking like nothing was ever wrong. I’m sleeping better and feeling optimistic about the future. In today’s medical environment, it’s rare to find a doctor who spends time with you and who is genuinely engaged in healing the way Dr. Meylor is. It is comforting to know there is someone you can go to for assistance with health issues. Thanks, Dr. Meylor, you restored my health!
In health and light,"

- Janet M. 

"I was referred to Dr. Jade Meylor by my father’s massage therapist. I had injured my back when lifting an object. After only two treatments, Dr. Meylor alleviated my back pain by 50%, and after 7 treatments, my back pain was 98% relieved. I continue treatments with Dr. Meylor and my back pain has not only dissipated, but Dr. Meylor has provided me with advice and exercises to strengthen my core and lower back muscles, and taught me how to lift properly and improve my posture in order to keep my back pain at bay, and how to avoid the risk of further injury."

- J. Roll 

"A previous accident had left my spinal vertebrae in a very unstable condition. I had been suffering daily morning headaches that would only go away with medication but leave my stomach upset. With Dr. Meylor’s Chiropractic and Acupuncture care, I am once again headache free."

- Kay E. 

"After my last set of x-rays there was a noticeable correction of my spine’s curvature. It was the first improvement in my nearly 10 years of treatment under various doctor’s care. My pain management under Dr. Meylor’s care has improved substantially and my upper body strength has surpassed my expectations. Dr. Meylor has been very accommodating both with scheduling and with my finances while I was without insurance. Most importantly, he has been friendly, kind, and informative- caring not only for my spine- but total health and promotion of a healthy lifestyle."

- A. Moxley 

"I was bothered for a long time with back pain- “muscle spasms”, till Meylor Clinic checked me out with x-rays and set up treatments for me. Since my treatments, I’ve not had to take the pain pills I was taking. They found it was a bone spur and alignment problems, (which has been a blessing with their treatment). I highly recommend Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatment, if you are suffering with headaches, back or leg or neck pain."

- Alice Hart 

"Dr. Meylor is a very good listener and caring chiropractor. He suggested I get a heel lift for my one shoe since the leg is shorter. This helped decrease the back pain. Also I kept falling so Dr. Meylor researched and found a good doctor to co-manage my treatment."

- Sandra D. 

"I have lived with moderate back pain my entire adult life and have visited chiropractors off and on as pain arose. I started seeing Dr. Meylor in 2012 due to a pinched nerve that had been giving me increased pain and affecting my ability to walk or stand for even a brief period of time. I saw immediate results and after a couple of months was pain free. I continue to see him regularly to avoid future problems. Recently I was getting over the flu, but still had a dull headache that I just couldn’t shake. I mentioned this to Dr. Meylor. He adjusted me and almost immediate the headache I had been trying to medicate away for several days was gone. Dr. Meylor and his staff are always friendly, professional, and have a smile on their face. I always leave feeling well taken care of."

- Beth W.

"My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a year and were growing increasing frustrated each month. We had heard a couple stories of friends of friends in our same situation that used acupuncture as a form of treatment for infertility. I had never been to a chiropractor or acupuncturist in my life and was hesitant to try it, but I had the reached the point of willingness to try anything (especially natural treatments). I was simultaneously seeing Dr. Meylor and a fertility specialist for approximately 2 months when we underwent our first fertility treatment, artificial insemination, and it worked!! The chances of success each time with AI are only around 10-15% so we were thrilled. I have to believe that the first time success was due to a combination of the eastern and western medicinal methods we were using. I would definitely encourage anyone having difficulties conceiving to give acupuncture a try. It is quick, painless and relatively inexpensive compared to traditional fertility treatments. The only downside is that frequent appointments are required. I was going 3x a week for a couple of months. The good thing is I was in and out of Dr. Meylor’s office in approx. 10 minutes. I will definitely be proactive with acupuncture treatments when we are ready to try for our second!"

- Amy G.

"The two wonderful ladies behind the counter assist you with all the stretching equipment and exercises. Dr. Meylor is always smiling and extremely professional. I’m sure I ask him stupid/annoying questions and he takes time to answer everything thoroughly. My issues are not as bad as some but so far I’m feeling improvement in my posture. Scheduling is flexible and they usually can get you in quickly!"

-Mr. Evans


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